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Moldavite Ring

Moldavite Ring
Moldavite Ring
Moldavite Ring
Moldavite Ring
Moldavite Ring
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Origin: Czech Republic

Ring Size: US 9  /  R 1/2 but adjustable

Moldavite is a tektite – a glass formed when a meteor impacted the Earth some 14.7 million years ago.

Moldavite conveys information stored in the Akashic Record and helps us connect with the Ascended Masters, whilst accelerating our own ascension.

Moldavite facilitates inter-dimensional connectedness with higher realms of consciousness and extraterrestrial civilizations.

The powerful vibration of moldavite opens, clears and balances all the chakras, and inspires us to think outside the square. It empowers the heart to reach its full potential. Placed on the Third Eye, it helps transcend the concept of time, allowing us to see past and future potentials in the present. On the Crown chakra, it opens us to spiritual guidance. On the throat chakra, it facilitates communication with other dimensions.

One may find when using moldavite that meditations are intensified, dreams are more vivid, and incidences of synchronicity are more frequent. Moldavite also provides some protection in the sense that it distances us from negative influence and attracts people and circumstances that are beneficial for our spiritual progress.

There is also a grounding aspect to moldavite. It is said to help very sensitive individuals adjust physically and emotionally to the realities of life.

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