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About Us

About Us

Company Profile

Blue Turtles is a Melbourne based family run business established in the year 2000. We specialize in sterling silver jewellery set with crystals and gemstones.

We’re a wholesale only business and have established lasting relationships with high quality retailers throughout Australia.

We’re committed to honest communication and to showing respect and care for our artisans, employees and customers alike. We’re also committed to giving back to our community and do so by contributing at least 10% of our income to charities and vulnerable people both in Australia and Indonesia, where we work.

What We Do

We collect high-energy crystals and gemstones then lovingly handcraft them with sterling silver into exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery. We also love to work with sacred symbols and things that inspire the best in people.

We’re deeply committed to individually handpicking our stones, maintaining high standards in the quality of our silverwork and treating everybody we work with respectfully. This is how we ensure that the jewellery we craft for you is impeccable… and energetically “alive.”

What we provide is a much-needed remedy in a world full of throwaway, mass produced stuff.
We work slow and steady with a small team of proven and worthy artisans in Indonesia, who make everything by hand.

Our Story

In 1991 Doron quit his accounting job at a Big 5 firm to travel the world, with a vague plan to fund his travels somewhere down the road, perhaps as an accounting temp or to be more “adventurous,” as a bartender somewhere.

On the island of Flores in Indonesia Doron stumbled across an old man sitting on the side of a dirt road selling rings made from agates and tin. His childhood passion for coloured stones suddenly rekindled, Doron was immediately inspired to buy all the old man’s merchandise.

Some time later and further down the road he laid out those rings and the other treasures he’d collected during his travels on a piece of red satin cloth, on the cobblestones of Jerusalem and in no time they’d sold. Doron knew he would never be an accountant again!

Over the next few years Doron based himself in Indonesia and regularly travelled beyond. He slowly developed a routine of sourcing and manufacturing. He traded in the mud at Glastonbury Festival, ran stalls in London’s Camden Market, followed the Byron Shire market circuit and finally transformed into a wholesaler late one summer, whilst driving the entire east coast of Australia in a little blue van, stopping into shops all along the way to offer his merchandise.

Blue Turtles was officially incorporated in the year 2000.

When Doron and Sandy met in Indonesia in 2001 a new chapter began – for both Doron and Sandy, and for Blue Turtles!

With the advantage of Sandy’s intimate knowledge of Indonesian culture and Doron’s manufacturing experience, Blue Turtles has gone on to build a wonderful team of artisans based in Bali and Java, who craft our exquisite jewellery.

How We Work

At the core of our creations you’ll find the natural beauty and allure of the crystals and symbols we use. But it’s the hearts, minds and hands of our artisans that transform these stones and symbols into beautiful jewellery.

There’s an unmistakable quality to things made by human hands, something that holds them apart from all the mass-produced stuff out there. These handcrafted treasures carry that distinctive energy we like to call the “aura of the human touch. “ It’s this aura of the human touch that we’re committed to cultivating.

It begins with the stones, which are meticulously handpicked for their purpose. They could be raw crystals, cabochons or faceted stones, and every one is individually considered for the jewelelry piece that it would best suit. Designs are drawn up by hand before being passed on to our silver artisans.

Our beloved silver artisans come from Java and Bali in Indonesia and are grounded in traditional silverwork techniques but open to modern innovation. It’s a pleasure to watch them at work as they move slowly and fluidly, pausing to take in what they’re doing, clearly invested in the end result. The combination of their expertise and passion for the craft contributes to the final outcome of premium quality and vibrant, high-energy jewellery.

Meet Our Team


Doron, our founder, was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

As Blue Turtles’ sourcing manager, he’s the person who finds all the beautiful crystals and gemstones we use in our creations. He’s also responsible for designing, which he does the old fashioned away with a pencil and paper.

Doron’s greatest love is his family - Sandy and 2 daughters. He likes to sing, do yoga and keep up with the strenuous demands of his Border Collie, Whisky.


Sandy was born and grew up in Solo, Central Java Indonesia and came to Australia in her late 20’s.

She liaises with our team in Indonesia to ensure everyone is happy and everything is running smoothly. She also manages order processing and administration in our Melbourne office and is the lucky person who unwraps and gets the first glimpse of all the new goodies when a fresh package of jewellery arrives.

Sandy puts her family before anything else. She loves people and makes friends easily, enjoys going to the gym, delights in good food and wine and celebrates living with a smile.


Nonik comes from Solo, Central Java Indonesia and lives in Bali, Indonesia. As operations and production manager for Blue Turtles, she oversees the manufacturing and quality control processes.

Nonik enjoys daytrips around Bali with her husband and daughter. She and her husband run a dog rescue service in their local neighborhood.


Whisky joined the Blue Turtles team in 2021 in his chief role as mess maker but has since assumed the role of personal trainer to Doron and Sandy, ensuring they both get their 10,000 steps of exercise a day. Whisky enjoys long, fast walks in the park and lots of ball play.

Our Artisans

These are the people who turn our ideas into something real and tangible.

Our artisans are skilled craftspeople, grounded in traditional silversmith technique.

They come from both Java and Bali, where a silversmith cottage industry has thrived for years.

Blue Turtles doesn’t have a factory. Instead, we encourage and support our artisans to set up their own production facilities at home, the way it has traditionally always been done. We love the down-to-earth nature of our silversmiths sitting at their own workbenches, in their own homes, working at their own pace.

Conscious Business

Our philosophy is that Life isn’t all about us and what we want. Rather, it’s about how we relate to each other and to the world. We are, each and every one of us, the caretakers of our planet and each other.

Consequently, we make certain commitments to keep us aligned with this philosophy…

1. We contribute at least 10% of our income to help people in need
The bare minimum we give is 10%.
We contribute to registered charities here in Australia but also directly into the hands of people we know are living precariously in Indonesia, where it’s all too easy to slip through the cracks.

2. We invest in the wellbeing and empowerment of our artisans
We support our silver artisans to be independent and empowered as owners of their own small businesses in cottage industry with their own equipment, working their own hours in their own homes.

3. It has to be about you
This isn’t so much giving, but more about not taking what isn’t ours in the first place.
Our task is to create beautiful jewellery and offer it to you. If you purchase it, it’s because you choose to, not because we talked you into it.
It’s imperative to us that you’re happy with your Blue Turtles experience, and that we don’t take any more than you want to give. This means that we don’t engage in hard sell or manipulative talk. We treat you with respect and do what we can to satisfy your requirements.
We also ensure the jewellery you acquire from us is of excellent craftsmanship quality and take responsibility if it isn’t, so your experience with us is a positive one.