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Welcome to Blue Turtles

In a world full of throwaway things made and sold by people who don’t care, are you one of the few who seek the truly beautiful things? Are you drawn to those things created from the Heart, by true artisans?

Then welcome, kindred spirit! We share your passion and appreciation. And here we present you our 4 sterling silver jewellery collections, made from the heart, as jewellery should be. For what is jewellery really about? It’s your way of expressing yourself, or how you feel about another. It can also be a source of strength, healing and change in your life.

So, as you value yourself, doesn’t it follow that the jewellery you wear should reflect your values too? Shouldn’t it be thoughtfully made with respect and care, rather that churned out and mass-produced? Indeed, this is how we feel about jewellery, and it is reflected in the treasures we create. We invite you to read our story and explore our 4 collections, crafted from sterling silver and the finest crystals and gemstones.

And if you’re fascinated with crystals and gemstones, you must also visit our Crystal fact Files. But if words are your gems, delve in and explore the highly inspirational quotes that make up Blue Turtles’ Poetic Pieces Collection.

Blue Turtles is solely a wholesale company, but all are welcome to explore our site, and if you’re looking for a stockist, we’re happy to guide you to one.

If you’re a retailer and you want to know more about stocking Blue Turtles, click here.

Doron & Sandy