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We collect stunning, high-energy crystals and gemstones and combine them with sterling silver to create beautiful jewellery.

We’ve been building relationships with many of Australia’s best retailers since 2000 to make our creations available worldwide.

We’re strictly wholesale but more than happy to direct enquiries to our stockists.

Crystal & Gemstone

We share your affinity for crystals.

Whether it’s their high vibration and healing qualities that appeal to you or you simply love their natural beauty, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the passion we invest in our collection of unique, handcrafted crystal jewellery.

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Symbolic Jewellery

Since time immemorial, humanity has invested power and meaning into symbols.

Look here for talismans of power, protection, healing, inspiration and spiritual guidance.

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The Horoscope Collection

Chains & Collars

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Wholesale Enquiries

Blue Turtles is a strictly wholesale only business, which is why we don’t display prices on our public website.

If you’re a retailer and you want to browse our products and see prices, register for exclusive wholesale access here.

There’s no obligation in registering.

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The Crystal Fact Files

Explore our library of informative articles about the physical and metaphysical properties of crystals.

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Conscious Business

Crystals work as repositories, transmitters and transformers of energy, and the intentions of those who work with them can influence the crystals’ integrity.

This is why it’s important to source your crystals from businesses that act with integrity themselves.

Blue Turtles is committed to open and honest communication and to showing respect and care for our artisans, employees and customers alike.

We’re a family run business with a social and moral conscience, run by people committed to playing our part in making the world a little better.

A significant step we take to this end is to contribute at least 10% of our income to local charities and vulnerable people both in Australia and Indonesia, where we work.