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Christ Consciousness Grid

Christ Consciousness Grid
Christ Consciousness Grid
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The Christ Consciousness Grid is a geometric representation of the interconnectedness of Planet Earth, the Cosmos and all human consciousness. It combines 2 of the 5 platonic solids - the dodecahedron and icosahedron - to form a spherical grid of 72 facets, which encompasses the Earth.

This Christ Consciousness Grid, despite its name, is not related to the Christian religion. It is the energy network through which we, when attuned, may unify with the global human consciousness. It allows us to access the knowledge and wisdom of the entire human experience - of those living in the past and present, and even including our own earlier incarnations.

Intersections of the grid coincide with recognized energy power spots on Earth, allowing us to integrate with the ancient knowledge of the Earth and the Cosmos. Full integration leads to the state of self-realization known as Planet Consciousness.


This sterling silver Christ Grid pendant measures 20 mm in diameter.

Chain sold separately.