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Alchemical Element Of Air Pendant

Alchemical Element Of Air Pendant
Alchemical Element Of Air Pendant
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According to the ancient craft of Alchemy, which seeks to transform and perfect the human spirit, everything in existence comprises 4 archetypal elements. These are Fire, Earth, Water and Air. The myriad ways the 4 elements combine determines the nature of all things, both physical and non-physical, including even human nature.  Understanding these 4 elements is the key to fathoming our own minds. Knowing how to transmute one element into another is the foundation for personal development. It is the balance of the 4 elements in each of us, which perfects and elevates us, and reveals our highest nature.


Traits of the Air element:

Wise, intellectual, logical, rational, full of ideas, big picture oriented, inquisitive, light, clear, emotionally in control, communicative, expansive, adventurous, flexible, unconventional, curious and unpredictable.

Wear the Air symbol to increase Air.