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Blue Sapphire Earrings

Blue Sapphire Earrings
Blue Sapphire Earrings
Blue Sapphire Earrings
Blue Sapphire Earrings

Sapphire, an Aluminium Oxide, belongs to the Corundum family of minerals.  With a hardness of 9, it is the third hardest of all minerals after diamonds and moissanite.

Traces of Iron and Titanium are responsible for the colour of Blue Sapphire.

Blue Sapphire calms the mind, facilitates mental focus and cultivates self-discipline.

Blue Sapphire sharpens intuition and facilitates the channeling of spiritual information and healing energies. It is highly recommended for hands-on healers such as Reiki practitioners, or those who use voice as a healing modality.

Blue Sapphire is the crystal for integrity, and is recommended when entering negotiations, so that outcomes are fair.

Blue Sapphire symbolizes commitment and is recommended as a gift between lovers.


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USA Australian Inside Diametre (mm)
6 L ½ 16.5
6.5 M ½ 16.9
7 N ½ 17.3
7.5 O ½ 17.75
8 P ½ 18.2
8.5 Q ½ 18.6
9 R ½ 19
9.5 S ½ 19.4
10 T ½ 19.8
10.5 U ½ 20.24
11 V ½ 20.66
11.5 V 4/5 21
12 X ½ 21.5
12.5 Y ½ 21.9
13 Z +1 22.3
13.5 Z +3 23
14 Z +4 23.5