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Shattukite Ring

Shattukite Ring
Shattukite Ring
Shattukite Ring
Shattukite Ring

Ring Size: US 9 /  R 1/2

Shattuckite is a relatively rare copper silicate.

Referred to as the Stone of Truth, shattuckite causes us to be aware of and understand our actions, and the reasons for those actions. It effectively helps us to unlock our subconscious so that we may know ourselves and realign with our inner or higher truths.

Shattuckite is an excellent stone for communication, particularly in its light blue form. It is recommended for public speakers and others in the public domain, such as politicians and lawyers, so that their communication remains both truthful and effective.

This crystal is also excellent for making sense of information received from inner, higher or other realms, particularly in its darker blue form. It helps one to clearly communicate what has been perceived and would otherwise be difficult to put into words, because it stimulates and harmonizes both ones mental and intuitive capacities. This makes it an excellent tool for working with oracle guides, such as the tarot, astrology or I Ching.

Additionally, shattuckite affords protection to the body from intrusion or possession whilst channeling.

Shattuckite is also attributed with fortifying us mentally so that we can process large quantities of information.


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USA Australian Inside Diametre (mm)
6 L ½ 16.5
6.5 M ½ 16.9
7 N ½ 17.3
7.5 O ½ 17.75
8 P ½ 18.2
8.5 Q ½ 18.6
9 R ½ 19
9.5 S ½ 19.4
10 T ½ 19.8
10.5 U ½ 20.24
11 V ½ 20.66
11.5 V 4/5 21
12 X ½ 21.5
12.5 Y ½ 21.9
13 Z +1 22.3
13.5 Z +3 23
14 Z +4 23.5