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Pyrite Ring

Pyrite Ring
Pyrite Ring
Pyrite Ring
Pyrite Ring

Origin: Peru

Ring Size: US 7.5 / O 1/2

This is a beautiful, natural cluster of pyrite crystals.

Pyrite, also known as iron pyrite or fool’s gold, is an iron sulfide.

Pyrite derived its name from the Greek word for fire, because it creates sparks when struck.

Pyrite is a powerfully protective stone, patching leaks in ones aura, shielding one from negativity and danger, and reportedly from environmental pollutants and some infectious diseases. It is a crystal for overall health and wellbeing.

Pyrite is connected to and energises the Solar Plexus chakra, the centre of ones will. It engenders feelings of positivity, self-confidence and assertiveness, and helps increase vitality and stamina – it is a useful tool for one who is engaged in complex business dealings.

Pyrite enhances ones memory and mental capabilities whilst supporting creativity and intuition, bringing these two polar opposites into balance. This makes pyrite a practical manifestation stone.

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USA Australian Inside Diametre (mm)
6 L ½ 16.5
6.5 M ½ 16.9
7 N ½ 17.3
7.5 O ½ 17.75
8 P ½ 18.2
8.5 Q ½ 18.6
9 R ½ 19
9.5 S ½ 19.4
10 T ½ 19.8
10.5 U ½ 20.24
11 V ½ 20.66
11.5 V 4/5 21
12 X ½ 21.5
12.5 Y ½ 21.9
13 Z +1 22.3
13.5 Z +3 23
14 Z +4 23.5