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Hexagram Pendant

Hexagram Pendant
Hexagram Pendant
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The Hexagram, otherwise known as the Six Pointed Star, Star of David or Seal of Solomon, is an ancient and universal symbol in sacred geometry. It represents the all-encompassing spiritual principle, “As above, so below” and the realization that spirit and matter are interdependent and a reflection of one another – the Oneness of everything.

The hexagram sits at the centre of the heart chakra, for it is in the heart where we become spiritually aware, yet fully grounded in the world at the same time.

In Alchemy, the Six Pointed Star represents the Quintessence or Aether, the all-pervasive yet subtle universal life force, also known as chi or prana.


This star pendant is crafted from hammered sterling silver and measures 20 x 20 mm.

Chain sold separately