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Bronze Spiral Earrings

Bronze Spiral Earrings
Bronze Spiral Earrings
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  • Model: E-SPIRAL-BR-1

The spiral is an archetypal symbol recognized the world over by civilizations both ancient and modern, and fundamental to the very core patterns of nature.

It can be observed physically in the motion of the stars in our galaxy or in the way water forms into whirlpools or wind into cyclones and tornadoes.  It manifests in the way flower buds and fern leaves unfurl and seashells grow.


The Spiral is the universal pattern of growth and expansion – physically, energetically and spiritually.


Wearing a spiral talisman, as we observe the way it unfurls and expands we develop a better understanding of our own inevitable growth, evolution and constant rejuvenation in harmony with Universal law.

Conversely, when we trace the spiral path inward, we are reminded of our origins and our connection to source.


These earrings are crafted from sterling silver and bronze, and measure 10 mm in diametre.

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