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Cancer Pendant

Cancer Pendant
Cancer Pendant
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Cancer, The Crab

Caring and affectionate, Cancer is deeply devoted to loved ones and family and very protective. Nurturing and feeding are a Cancer specialty, and generous Cancer is always ready to lend a helping hand. Home is where Cancer's heart lies, and a comfortable and stable home mean the world to Cancer.

A crab is soft but well protected in its shell and more than capable of defending itself. Likewise, Cancer has a big, soft and sensitive heart and is generally reserved, but will stand steadfast when it counts, whether in self-defense or in defense of loved ones.

Cancer is a sensitive and intuitive soul, who is imaginative, community-minded and romantic.



This pendant is crafted from sterling silver with a hammered finish and measures 14 mm in diameter.

It comes with a quality printed horoscope information card and a satin pouch.

Chains sold separately.