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Leo Pendant

Leo Pendant
Leo Pendant
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Leo – The Lion

Self-assured Leo is more than happy to be the centre of attention. Leo is like the sun, around which everything revolves.

With powerful magnetism and an energetic zest for life, it's no surprise that dignified Leo is a natural-born leader. Leo's strong personality, determination, indefatigable sense of honour, creative flair and boundless enthusiasm are a recipe for success, and it's no wonder Leo tends to succeed at whatever the goal may be. Things matter to Leo and what gets started must be finished, and finished well - it's a matter of principle and honour!

Be it dinner for friends, shopping for birthday presents or redecorating a room, no effort, expense or creative endeavor is spared to ensure the results will satisfy and make everybody think, "wow!"

Leo is highly committed to principle and, thanks to a big, warm and generous heart, has a deep desire to please everybody.