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Pisces Pendant

Pisces Pendant
Pisces Pendant
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Pisces – The Fish

Enigmatic, inward looking Pisces walks a fine line between two worlds. So natural is Pisces’ propensity to drift between mundane reality and the deeper, inner spiritual realm that Pisces often doesn’t distinguish between them, which can lead to confusion. Pisces’ coping mechanism is to become expert at a chosen technical skill, often an art, a healing modality or some other creative endeavor, which provides a point of focus and acts as an anchor.

Sensitive, charitable and trusting, Pisces usually considers the needs of others first, which can leave this beautiful soul vulnerable to unscrupulous or insensitive people, who may cause Pisces to feel sad and victimised. This is not a weakness, however. It is more a sign of Pisces’ beauty and depth, which many people simply can’t fathom. Pisces is highly intuitive and often psychic, though may be completely unaware of it.


This pendant is crafted from sterling silver with a hammered finish and measures 14 mm in diameter.

The pendant comes with a horoscope information card and a satin pouch.

Chains sold separately.