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Capricorn Pendant

Capricorn Pendant
Capricorn Pendant
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Capricorn, The Goat

With dedication and stalwart discipline, Capricorn sets a goal, rolls up sleeves and gets to work. Capricorn is down to earth, and understands that a lofty goal requires real commitment and effort, and has plenty of the patience and determination required to achieve it.

Capricorn is ambitious, but realistic and practical, which means the road to success will be traveled in a responsible and efficient way, with a fail-safe plan in effect.

Tradition and convention suit Capricorn well. A strong sense of fair play also means that Capricorn can be trusted and relied upon.


This pendant is crafted from sterling silver with a hammered finish and measures 14 mm in diameter.

The pendant comes with a horoscope information card and a satin pouch.

Chains sold separately.