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Taurus Pendant

Taurus Pendant
Taurus Pendant
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Taurus – The Bull

With exceptional patience and unrivalled determination, Taurus stays focused until the goal is achieved.

Frivolous risks are unacceptable to dependable Taurus, who is happy to toil slowly and steadily until the task is complete. But once the goal is achieved, Taurus revels in the hard-earned rewards that are expected to follow. Beautiful things and creature comforts, good food, nature walks, music and art are the sought-after bounty of the fulfilled Taurean, who relishes the earthly delights.

Taurus’s penchant for stability fuels an undying commitment to keeping loved ones happy. Taurus is sentimental, sensual, romantic, devoted and family focused.

Though generally calm and collected, provocatively waving a red flag in front of a bull is bound to enrage, but Taurus is quicker to calm down than to become angry in the first place.


This pendant is crafted from sterling silver with a hammered finish and measures 14 mm in diameter.

It comes with a quality printed horoscope information card and a satin pouch.

Chains sold separately.