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Element Ring - Earth or Air

Element Ring - Earth or Air
Element Ring - Earth or Air
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Element rings can simply be worn in reverse - turned around on your finger - to express the opposite element.


This element ring represents either Air or Earth.


Traits of Air (Triangle pointing up):

Wise, intellectual, logical, rational, full of ideas, big picture oriented, inquisitive, light, clear, emotionally in control, communicative, expansive, adventurous, flexible, unconventional, curious and unpredictable.

Wear the Air symbol to increase Air.


Traits of Earth (Triangle pointing down):

Physical, stable, responsible, reliable, dependable, consistent, conscientious, cooperative, respectful, tangible, practical, cautious, punctual, attentive to detail, thorough, persistent, and perfectionist. Earth engenders a team player.

Wear the Earth element symbol to increase Earth.