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Element Ring - Fire or Water

Element Ring - Fire or Water
Element Ring - Fire or Water
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Element rings can simply be worn in reverse - turned around on your finger - to express the opposite element.


This element ring represents either Fire or Water.


Traits of the Fire element (a triangle pointing up):

Strong-willed, energetic, ambitious, visionary, enthusiastic, positive, passionate, productive, resourceful, confident, courageous, daring, decisive, hardworking, creative and original. Fire engenders leadership and high self-esteem.

Wear the fire element symbol to increase Fire.


Traits of the Water element (a triangle pointing down):

Feeling and emotional, sensitive, nurturing, compassionate, adaptable, cooperative, going with the flow, passive, tranquil, reflective, introspective, self-aware and intuitive. Water rules the subconscious mind.

Wear the Water symbol to increase Water.