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Plain Silver

Plain Silver
Model: FREE
With every piece of Blue Turtles jewellery, we provide you with a satin pouch and an information card...
NFINITY No ending and no beginning, Unbound by time and space, Infinity has no limits, Infinity is forever.Elegant sterling silver infinity earrings. They measure 25 mm in length.Match with pendant P-INFINITY-1, ring R-INFINITY-1 and bracelet B-INFINITY-1 ..
Delicate earrings featuring silver snow flakes, which measure 18 mm in diametre. Match these earrings with pendant P-SNOWFLAKE and ring R-SNOWFLAKE...
These elephant earrings are shaped by hand from sterling silver and embellished with a high polished hammered finish. An elephant with an upward turned trunk is considered a symbol of good luck. The earrings measure 25 mm across and 15 mm high. Match with elephant ependant, P-ELEP..
Model: E-DOVE-1
Beautiful little earrings shaped as a dove by hand and gently hammered to give them an earthy texture. The dove has long been a symbol of peace, goodwill and new beginnings. It also represents the maternal instinct, so it makes a great gift for pregnant women or mothers. These earrings measure 26 mm..
Model: ME-DROP-4
Classic sterling silver drop earrings measuring 3.8 cm long in total...
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