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Model: P-3
Inspiring words and affirmations inscribed on an elegant bell shaped pendant...
Model: P-1
This sterling silver oval pendant measures 3.5 cm long and 2.5 cm high and is available inscribed in a variety of quotes  ..
Model: P-2
This sterling silver oval pendant measures 2.3 cm wide and 3.2 cm high and is available in a variety of quotes.          ..
Model: P-4S
A delicate necklace, featuring a 45cm  black silk cord tied to a round disc (21 mm in diametre), embellished with positive and inspiring words. The silk cord includes a sterling silver clasp...
Model: P-4
This sterling silver circular pendant measures 2.2 cm in diametre. Available in assorted quotes.     ..
Model: P-5
These small sterling silver pendants, measuring 1.5cm in diametre, bear powerful single word affirmations...
Model: P-6
This pendant, embellished with a choice of beautiful words, measures 4cm in diametre. ..
Model: P-7
This 3 dimensional box pendant, measures 45cm in height and 0.7cm wide and deep, bears inscriptions on 4 sides. Available in a choice of quotes.  ..
Model: P-8
These inspirational quotes are inscribed on 2 tablets of sterling silver, one behind the other...
Model: P-9
This attractive pendant features 2 circles of sterling silver, one in front of the other, each bearing part of an inspiring quote...
Model: P-10
The quotes inscribed on these pendants are spread across 2 discs of silver, all on a backdrop of beaten silver.  ..
Model: P-11
These little oval pendants bear inscriptions specifically for Mums. Perfect Mothers Day gifts!..
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