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Horoscope Jewellery
Aries, The RamAries is a dynamic and fearless trailblazer, prepared to push ahead into uncharted territory. With impressive initiative and powerful charisma, Aries is a born leader, who easily inspires and rallies people to a cause. However, don't expect Aries to lead them to the final conclusio..
Taurus – The BullWith exceptional patience and unrivalled determination, Taurus stays focused until the goal is achieved.Frivolous risks are unacceptable to dependable Taurus, who is happy to toil slowly and steadily until the task is complete. But once the goal is achieved, Taurus revels in..
Gemini, The TwinsGemini, the quintessential communicator, loves to converse and engage the mind. Curiosity drives intellectual Gemini to continuously explore in the quest for knowledge.Both talking and listening are Gemini's strengths, making Gemini a most wonderful friend and companion, and..
Cancer, The CrabCaring and affectionate, Cancer is deeply devoted to loved ones and family and very protective. Nurturing and feeding are a Cancer specialty, and generous Cancer is always ready to lend a helping hand. Home is where Cancer's heart lies, and a comfortable and stable home mean the ..
Leo – The LionSelf-assured Leo is more than happy to be the centre of attention. Leo is like the sun, around which everything revolves.With powerful magnetism and an energetic zest for life, it's no surprise that dignified Leo is a natural-born leader. Leo's strong personality, determination..
Virgo – The VirginVirgo is happy to go over the details of things with a fine-tooth comb, methodically examining, analyzing, corroborating information and leaving no stone unturned until everything checks out – if you’re going to do the job, might as well do it correctly and get it right the fir..
Libra – The ScalesPeace, harmony and balance are what Libra aspires to. Libra loves the company of people and wants to do what’s best for all. Charming and skilled in conversation, Libra puts people at ease by knowing exactly the right things to say.Libra plays fair and does whatever possibl..
Scorpio – The ScorpionOnce Scorpio’s mind is made up, there’s no turning back. Assertive Scorpio’s determination means that whatever the goal  - and no matter the challenge - Scorpio will persevere. This perseverance combines with Scorpio’s excellent powers of perception and impressive reso..
Sagittarius – The ArcherThe search for knowledge and truth inspires Sagittarius, who is on a quest to find the meaning of life. Curious and open minded, Sagittarius relishes the adventure that comes with the quest, be it a roam around the world or a deep inner journey.Enthusiastic Sagittariu..
Capricorn, The GoatWith dedication and stalwart discipline, Capricorn sets a goal, rolls up sleeves and gets to work. Capricorn is down to earth, and understands that a lofty goal requires real commitment and effort, and has plenty of the patience and determination required to achieve it.Cap..
Aquarius, The Water BearerAquarius wants to change the world, and clearly can.A visionary and original thinker, Aquarius has a brilliant and unconventional mind, which produces truly innovative and creative ideas. Combine this sharp and inventive intellect with Aquarius' humanitarian spirit ..
Pisces – The FishEnigmatic, inward looking Pisces walks a fine line between two worlds. So natural is Pisces’ propensity to drift between mundane reality and the deeper, inner spiritual realm that Pisces often doesn’t distinguish between them, which can lead to confusion. Pisces’ coping mechanis..
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