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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a retailer and I’d like to know more about possibly stocking your products. What should I do now?

You can find out more about the benefits of stocking Blue Turtles by clicking here. Follow the links there to apply for full access to our online wholesale catalogues.

Alternatively you can go straight to our retailer application page by clicking here.

You’re also welcome to email us, or call us on 03 9557 9972 for a chat.

Where is Blue Turtles’ jewellery manufactured?

The vast majority of our production is in Bali Indonesia, where we have our own team of exceptional silver artisans. However we also source and manufacture a few things out of Mexico, Thailand and India.

Where do you source your gemstones?

The gemstones we use come from all over the world. We collect them at various trading hubs or sometimes go straight to the source. We endeavor to only use natural stones in our collections. Doron enjoys a bit of lapidary work as a hobby and cuts some of our stones, particularly the Australian ones, from rough rock.

Why don’t you use coral in your collections?

Blue Turtles is morally opposed to using coral, because to date the industry isn’t run in an environmentally sustainable way. Claims by suppliers and manufacturers that their coral is sourced from sustainable farms must be treated with caution. The majority of coral used in jewellery is either dyed sea bamboo from China or red sponge coral from Indonesia. In both cases, even though the species used may not be threatened, there is no control over the way it’s yanked from the seabed. Unmanaged harvesting with little regard for the local ecosystem can do irreversible damage. We choose not to be a part of it, and we urge you to abstain from wearing it as well.

Rest assured that when we can be certain that coral is being collected sustainably, you’ll be able to buy it from Blue Turtles.

What exactly is Sterling Silver?

The term, “Sterling Silver”, refers to an originally European standard mixture of metals that is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. This is why sterling silver is also referred to as “925”. As pure silver is very soft, it requires mixing with other metals to make it harder. There is no rule that the mixture used for jewellery making must be 92.5%. (Traditional artisans from non-European cultures may use anything from 80% to 100%), but the Sterling Silver ratio, which originated in 12th century Europe, has generally been accepted worldwide as a standard.

What is the importance of having the “925” hallmark stamped on each piece of jewellery?

The “925” hallmark stamp is a declaration that the piece is Sterling Silver – 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Most modernly produced sterling silver will bear this hallmark, except for some made by traditional cultures. Thai hill tribe silver, for example, isn’t traditionally hallmarked.

Where can I buy Blue Turtles jewellery?

We can tell you where to find a conveniently located stockist in your area. Simply click here to submit your request for stockist information.

My silver jewellery has changed colour – it appears dirty and darker in colour. Why?

This is a natural chemical process known as tarnishing, where the silver and other alloy metals present react with chemicals in the surrounding environment. A common example is hydrogen sulphide. The chemical reaction creates a layer of yellow or black silver sulphide on the surface of the silver. Chemicals that can tarnish silver are found in the air, in many cleaning and skincare products, in some water supplies and even in food. But don’t worry. You can easily clean it off. Read our full article on silver tarnishing here, to learn all about tarnishing and how to deal with it.

How do I prevent my silver jewellery from tarnishing?

Tarnishing of silver is almost always inevitable, as it naturally reacts with common chemicals in the surrounding environment. However, you can take precautions to significantly delay it. Read our full article on silver tarnishing here, to learn all about tarnishing and how to deal with it.

My jewellery has been damaged. What should I do?

Blue Turtles jewellery is covered by a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Find out more about our Lifetime Guarantee here.

What do I receive if I subscribe to the Blue Turtles newsletter?

Our very popular newsletter is an excellent source of information on gemstones and inspirational quotes. It’s also full of tips, promotions and information on our products. To subscribe, click here.

If you’re a retailer, you’ll want to receive our industry newsletter. Click here.

How do I unsubscribe from your Newsletter?

Simply click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter, or send us an email with the word “unsubscribe” written in the subject field.

Can I get a full catalogue of Blue Turtles products?

We can currently email you a full catalogue of our Poetic Pieces Collection. To request a catalogue, click here.

Where does the name Blue Turtles come from?

The name came to Doron one day in a flash of inspiration. Turtles are, in many cultures, a symbol of the Life of the Earth, creativity, tenacity and longevity. The colour blue is associated with depth and stability, wisdom and consciousness, truth, tranquility and healing. These are all qualities that are important to us. They represent how we want both Blue Turtles and ourselves to be.

How can I tell if a piece of jewellery is a Blue Turtles piece?

Look for the little turtle stamped on it.

Frequently Asked Questions for Retailers

How do I order?

You can order through our website, by email, phone or fax.

To apply for a username and password to our online catalogue, click here

There are clear photos and descriptions of our products on our website, and the shopping cart facility is very easy to use. We usually respond within 12 business hours. Some of our collections are catalogued in print. Call us for your copy.

For crystal and gemstone jewellery, we recommend our Send & Select service.

Also, check with us if we’re going to be in your local area, or exhibiting at a trade fair you’ll be attending.

How will you ship to me?

Australia-wide, we generally ship by Express Post in a standard satchel. For orders in excess of A$1500 we ship by Platinum Express Post.

For international orders we can either ship by airmail or your preferred courier. We’ll discuss the options with you before we send.

What are your delivery times?

We’ll respond to your order within 12 to 24 hours, a little longer for Send & Select orders. Posted items generally arrive the next day or within 2 days. If an item you’ve ordered is out of stock we’ll place it on back order. Waiting times for back orders vary, and we’ll keep you informed.

Do you have a sales rep who can come and see me?

At present we don’t have a rep in every state, but that shouldn’t worry you. We have systems and services in place to keep you well stocked with the jewellery you want. These are amazing times! Not keeping a regular rep on the road in no way hinders your access to our products, and it also helps us minimize our carbon footprint. We can send you catalogues, or you can view most of our collection on our website, which has excellent pictures of the jewellery.

Best of all, you can take advantage of our Send & Select service, which means you can see the product before committing to a purchase. Having said all of that, from time to time we may make a trip out your way, and we can drop in to see you.

I’ve heard so much about your extensive range of crystal and gemstone jewellery. Why can’t I see it all on your website, and how can I purchase it?

We do have a very extensive collection of one-of-a-kind crystal and gemstone jewellery, and as you can imagine, it’s very difficult to maintain a catalogue of all of these pieces online. But you can take advantage of our Send & Select service to see our gemstone jewellery collection in the flesh, from the comfort of your own premises. See below…

What is “Send & Select?”

Send & Select is a service designed to let you try before you buy. If we can’t meet face to face, we’ll handpick a selection of gemstone jewellery according to your specific request and send it to you. You can then take your time to hold each piece, feel its texture and weight and observe the play of light in the stone from every angle. You can decide which pieces you’ll keep, and send back the rest. It’s an easy and convenient way for you to buy. Visit our Send & Select page for more information.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept VISA and Mastercard. You can also transfer payments to our bank account or send us a cheque.

Do you supply point of sale aids and packaging?

Yes. For Poetic Pieces, we supply placards with quotes and information that support your display. We also supply drawstring satin bags with every jewellery piece.

What happens if an item is damaged?

Our lifetime workmanship guarantee covers your purchases for any defect in manufacture. Find out more about our lifetime Guarantee here.