Considering Becoming a Stockist?

It’ll be a pleasure to partner with you. We invite you to read below about the benefits you can expect by stocking Blue Turtles. Once you’ve read it, follow the link through to our wholesale website, where you can apply for access to our online catalogue.

Here are 6 benefits to you of stocking Blue Turtles:

1. You’re Getting It From The Source

By partnering with Blue Turtles you’re receiving jewellery direct from the people responsible for making it*. The benefits of this are many, and will be further elaborated below.

In a nutshell, though, think about the difference of making sandwiches for your friends, using either supermarket-packaged bread or a fresh-baked loaf from your local bakery. Which do you think will make the better impression?

2. You Get Originality and Point of Difference

Because you’re sourcing from the people who design and make the jewellery, you’re getting something that you won’t see everywhere else.

We don’t source our products at international trade fairs, like many other distributors, and we don’t rely on selling the products made by overseas manufacturers, who often don’t mind selling to 2 or more distributors from the same area.

We choose to design our own jewellery ourselves, and we entrust our own team of dedicated artisans to craft it. So we have the advantage, because we’re able to do our own thing – which means you get truly original designs in jewellery

3. You Get That Rare Sense Of Artisanship and Heart

That You Don’t Get From Mass-Produced Products

We’re very serious about preserving that sense of artisanship now threatened with extinction in the modern world. This is a matter of principle for us.

If, for example, you’re the kind of person who values baking a cake from scratch rather than using packaged cake mixes, or you’d rather hang hand-painted art on your wall than a mass-produced print, then you already understand where we’re coming from.

As a matter of principle, the jewellery we bring you is crafted by hand, and the crystals and gemstones we use are all individually and meticulously handpicked. We want to pass on that sense of the human touch in our pieces to your customers. Quality is an inevitable outcome of this approach, but we’ll talk more about quality below.

Because we care for our valued artisans, with whom we’ve built close and trusting relationships, they reward us in return with exquisite work. They care about us, and they put their hearts into their work. And that is what artisanship is all about – putting our hearts into our work. That is the gift we pass on to you, to give to your valued customers.

4. You Enjoy Premium Quality

The fact that a growing number of manufacturing jewellers are buying Blue Turtles to supplement their own high-standard work is a testament to the quality.

Our own commitment to personal excellence guides the way we work – from the alloys we use when we melt and mix our silver through to the final polish, we maintain high standards.

It’s the combination of many elements through the entire production process – from the raw materials and production techniques used to the welfare of our artisans – that together add up to produce a premium quality jewellery collection.

5. A Lifetime Guarantee

Because we can feel confident about the quality of our work, so can you! That’s why we offer you a Lifetime Guarantee on the workmanship of our jewellery.

You can buy from us with complete confidence, knowing that we’re there to take responsibility. Think how much easier it’s to sell when you can tell your customers that their jewellery is good enough to be guaranteed for life.

6. Community Benefit

If you’ve read the About Us section of this website, you know that we believe in using our lives to make a positive contribution to the world. We endeavor to achieve this through ethical trade and the volunteering of funds and resources to selected charities.

As such, when you buy Blue Turtles it means that you’re automatically participating in making a positive contribution too.

Through adhering to ethical trade principles in our relationships with our artisans, we can ensure that they get a fair deal. Unfortunately it’s all too common in developing countries that the people who make the product are underpaid. That’s how some manufacturers maintain their competitive edge, but it doesn’t create any opportunity for their workers to advance

For the community at large we make a percentage of our sales proceeds available for donation. For example, in early 2010 we donated a few thousand dollars from our January sales to CARE’s Haiti Earthquake Appeal. We support other causes throughout the year. To find out more, visit our Community Care page.

The Next Logical Step…

We invite you to visit Blue Turtles’ exclusive wholesale site now, and apply for your personalized username and password. Then you can explore our online catalogues replete with images, detailed descriptions and wholesale prices.

* Disclaimer:  The Wildflower Collection, snake chains, box chains and styles with item code “ANI” are not produced directly by our team of artisans, but by trusted partners of Blue Turtles.