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Introducing warm and friendly Peridot, a stone with a long history of interaction with humankind. Belonging to the Olivine family, this stone, which represents harmony and abundance, is found scattered throughout the Earth, and amongst the stars of our galaxy. Chemical Composition: (Mg, Fe)2SiO4, Magnesium Iron Silicate Hardness: 6.5 – 7 Other Names: Forsterite, Olivine, Chrysolite (Greek for “golden stone”) Occurrence: USA, ...



Well-known Malachite, in its myriad crystal forms and shades of green, has been known to humanity for thousands of years and has been exploited for its copper content, its protective qualities and beauty. Read on to learn about malachite… Chemical Composition: Cu2CO3(OH)2, Copper Carbonate Hydroxide Hardness: 3.5 – 4 Occurrence: Congo, Namibia, Mediterranean, Russia, ...



Introducing Charoite. This beautiful mineral, known as a stone of transformation, is unmistakable with its swirling pattern of lavenders, mauves and purples, which formed through charoite’s own interesting journey of transformation. Read on... Chemical Composition: K(Na, Ca)11(Ba, Sr)Si18O46(OH, F)-nH2O, Hydrated Potassium Sodium Calcium Barium Strontium Silicate Hydroxide Fluoride Hardness: 5 Occurrence: Russia

Black Star Diopside


Enigmatic Black Star Diopside intrigues us with its blazing white four-pointed star, which shines brilliantly from the stone’s dark depths. A friend to academics and energy workers alike, this gem, which owes its brilliant star to mineral inclusions, is both emotionally soothing and grounding. Chemical Composition: CaMG(Si2O6), Calcium Magnesium Silicate Hardness: 5.5 Occurrence: India Colour: ...



Introducing amazonite, a feldspar curiously said to be named after Brazil’s mighty Amazon River, though deposits of amazonite have never been found in its proximity. Amazonite is valued for its attractive blue-green hues and its harmonizing properties. Read on to learn more. Chemical Composition: K(AlSi3O8) potassium feldspar Hardness: 6 - 6 .5 Occurrence: United States, Brazil, Russia, India, Australia, ...



Seraphinite is named after the Seraphim, the many-winged, fiery angelic beings described in the Bible. One of the greatest of all the healing stones, it is beautiful and sublime, its cool dark green depths revealing intriguing flashes of silver light. Read on to learn more. Chemical Composition: (Mg,Fe,Al)6(Si,Al)4 O10(OH)8 - Magnesium Iron Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide. Crystal System: Monoclinic Hardness: 2 - 2.5 Other Names ...



Introducing Labradorite, the Stone of Light and Enlightenment, an unassuming, sometimes drab stone that will put on a dazzling show of light and colour. Read on to learn how labradorite is formed, the secret to how it produces its light and why it’s a powerful ally to those who seek personal enlightenment… Chemical Composition: (Ca,Na)(Al,Si)4O from the plagioclase feldspar group. Hardness: Ranges ...

Fire Agate


Intriguing Fire Agate is a wonder of the mineral world. How it derives its name will be obvious on first sight, as a good specimen will seemingly smolder and glow with light, reminiscent of a glowing ember. Some specimens reveal a scattering of points of light that together resemble a snapshot of a far-away nebula, or galaxy ...

Smoky Quartz


Introducing the dark and mysterious Smoky Quartz, a relatively common and very enigmatic crystal. Read on to learn about how the mineral formed and about its reputed powerful grounding properties. Chemical Composition: SiO2 Hardness: 7 Occurence:



Introducing sugilite, the bringer of hope. A relatively rare stone and only recently discovered, sugilite’s lovely colour and glowing metaphysical qualities have made it a much sought-after gemstone the world over. Chemical Composition: KNa2(Fe,Mn,Al)2Li3Si12O30 Potassium Sodium Lithium Iron Manganese Aluminum Silicate Hardness: 6.0 to 6.5 Occurence:

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The Crystal Fact Files

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