The Merkaba, or Star Tetrahedron, is a spiritual concept represented by a 3-dimensional Star of David – two interlocking pyramids symmetrically aligned, with one pointing up and the other inverted.

On one hand, the perfectly integrated pyramids of the Merkaba, pointing in opposite directions, embody the equilibrium of opposites, be it of Heaven and Earth, Male and Female or Oneness and duality.

But the Merkaba is more than that. It is the light body – a great field of energy surrounding each of us, which extends beyond our etheric field. When activated, the two pyramids spin at immense speeds in opposite directions and the subtle energy field generated by them extends up to 10 metres from our bodies – but also expands into all possible dimensions and parallel universes.

It’s explained that when we activate the Merkaba, all possibilities are open to us, including limitless travel within and between dimensions, and ascension to the highest realms.

Biblical Origins

“Merkaba” is the Hebrew word for chariot, and indeed, it is the vehicle of our souls. Another interpretation of the word Merkaba separates it into its 3 syllables with the following meaning: “Mer” is light, “Ka” is spirit and “Ba” is body. Consequently, Merkaba is the Light Spirit Body.

The Biblical Book of Ezekiel refers to the vision had by the prophet Ezekiel, who saw a great chariot comprised of the bodies of 4 angels known as the “Chayot”, each with the 4 faces of a man, lion, ox and eagle, and 2 pairs of wings. Beneath the chariot were angels called “Ophanim” that resembled “wheels within wheels”, whilst other angels of fire, known as seraphim, ascended and descended around the chariot. The chariot ‘s driver is described as the likeness of a man, sitting on a throne of sapphire. The chariot could only move when the 4 Chayot angels joined their outstretched wings together.

According to some rabbinic interpretations, the 4 Chayot angels in this image represent the 4 cardinal directions as well as the 4 archetypal elements (fire, earth, air and water), from which the Universe is formed. The Ophanim – the “wheels within wheels” – represent the myriad ways in which the elements can combine to create form. The Seraphim represent Divine energy and the “likeness of a man” represents the Divine Source (God).

Spiritual Insight

Essentially this description of the Merkaba tells us that the Divine only finds expression and manifestation through the myriad ways in which matter (the 4 elements) can combine – this is what it means that the chariot only moves when the wings of the Chayot are touching, and the wheels within wheels turn and carry them in infinite ways, meaning the infinite possibilities of manifestation.

Conversely, we must also understand that in order to experience the Divine truth, we cannot view things in isolation. We must be able to perceive the way everything in the Universe interacts. We must be aware of the perfect harmony intrinsic in the creation, if the Divine Source is to be revealed to us.

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