Music…the soundtrack to life.

From our earliest infancy it influences us and inspires us to move to its rhythm. It both forges and prompts our memories. It stirs up our emotions and unleashes in us energy we may not have known we had. It conveys powerful messages and allows us to express our ideas and ourselves. It has even been used to control hearts and minds.

Music speaks to us without words. It doesn’t concern itself with our cognitive thoughts. It reaches to something far deeper.

In honour of music and the important role it plays in our lives, Blue Turtles has created these sterling silver pendants…

Guitar Charm Pendant (P-GUITAR)

This pendant features a beautifully crafted sterling silver guitar inscribed on the back with the words that express what music means to you.

Choose from 2 quotes:
P-GUITAR-51, “Music is the language of the heart.”
P-GUITAR-52, “Music gives wings to the soul.”

Treble Clef Pendant (P-29-53)

This sweet little pendant, inscribed on both sides and completed with a treble clef charm, says it all…

“Music is the language of the heart and gives wings to the soul.”

These sterling silver pendants are part of Blue Turtles’ Poetic Pieces Collection, a selection of inspiring words of wisdom and affirmation inscribed in sterling silver. There are over 90 quotes inscribed on more than 50 styles of jewellery to choose from.

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"Buying from Blue Turtles is always a pleasure - opening all those drawers at the Gift Fair to see the hidden treasures inside – because you know you’ll only see the good stuff. Each stone is chosen aesthetically, set with heavy silver and finished beautifully... you don’t get bumpy edges, join marks that haven’t been polished out, left over tarnished sections or stones hanging out the back of a setting. The attention to detail is obvious from the moment you look at any piece. It’s well priced, especially for the quality of the stones and the amount of silver used. You get prompt and efficient service, always with a smile!"

Rebecca De Carlo, That Crystal Site, Mullumbimby, NSW