Our Warranty Terms & Conditions

Blue Turtles offers a Lifetime Guarantee on the workmanship of our jewellery.

If a jewellery piece is compromised because of an inherent fault in manufacture, we will take responsibility.
We will repair items covered by warranty when circumstances allow. If repair is not possible we will replace such items with another of the same model. If the item cannot be replaced, we will substitute the item with another similar item.

Our guarantee covers for faults in manufacture and design. It does not cover for wear and tear or for damage due to actions that may compromise the integrity of a piece. For example, dropping a jewellery piece, exposing it to extreme heat or  impact such as knocking it against a wall or door, catching it on another object and pulling, thus subjecting it to undue stress and similar such actions can cause weakness or damage to a piece. Such weakness or damage, which can also break soldered joins or loosen a stone in its setting, is not the responsibility of Blue Turtles and is not covered by our guarantee.

If an item is returned to us for a warranty claim, we will investigate it for signs of stress and wear and tear that may have compromised the piece’s integrity and exposed it to an increased risk of damage. If such evidence is found we will deem it not to be covered by warranty.


Snapped snake chains are not covered by warranty. Snake chains are designed to drape around the neck. They are not designed to bend at any point along their length at an acute angle, and if used correctly there is no need to subject them to such treatment. In the event that a chain is accidentally bent and it snaps or forms a kink, it is not our responsibility and is not covered by warranty.

Clasps commonly come loose from the end of a chain when the clasp is caught on another object and pulled with force excessive to what the chain can stand. This is not a fault in manufacture or design. In the event that a chain has broken in these circumstances, it is not our responsibility and is not covered by warranty.

The Wildflower Collection

Items from the Wildflower Collection are made from natural flowers. The colour of these flowers will fade over time (more than 1 year), particularly when exposed to sunlight. This is a natural process which we cannot control. As such, natural fading of flowers over time in the Wildflower Collection is not covered by our guarantee.

Clearance Items

Items sold by Blue Turtles at clearance prices are not covered by warranty.