Our Vision

Vision Statement:

Blue Turtles will be the number 1 choice for sterling silver and gemstone jewellery and will be asked for by name by the people with the deepest appreciation for Life, Beauty and Quality.

We will strive to make certain that each person, with whom our products and we have come into contact, will come away from their experience feeling better off and happier.

We will live and work by these principles:

  • every situation is an opportunity to improve ourselves, and the lot of others
  • our greatest successes today must be further improved upon the next time around.
  • The joy in Life is in this moment
  • What we endeavour to be and do will be an inspiration for others.

Mission Statement:

  • We will strive for quality and excellence in production, sales and service
  • We will maintain our focus on the human beings that comprise our production, our market and our team, and we will strive to be a forum in which our team members will be inspired, to realise their full potential and to make positive contributions to the world.
  • We will encourage an appreciation for quality and artisanship over economy in the marketplace
  • We will minimize our impact on and maximize our positive contribution to the environment