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This unique, stylized pendant represents the Tree of Life - a universal symbol representing the interconnectedness of all life.

Silver is the most reflective metal known to us. But it will react with certain compounds to turn black. The resulting contrast of blackened against polished silver is beautiful to behold. Pictured are our Black Forest Earrings.

The dove has long been a symbol of peace, goodwill and new beginnings. Blue Turtles’ sterling silver Dove pendant is a beautiful and stylish representation. Be sure to ask your stockist about matching earrings.

The gentle, curved lines of these earrings are a testament to the talented hands of our silver artisans. They are crafted completely by hand.

Stocking Blue Turtles’ White Light Collection means you can offer your customers original, handcrafted jewellery that they won’t see everywhere else. For more information, click here

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The Sorella Necklace will grace your neckline with a burst of swirls and curls in sterling silver. This piece is fully articulated, which means each curl will follow your neckline as if it was painted on.

Beautiful spiral earrings.

Pearls lend themselves well to sterling silver jewellery. The Stella Karta series is a truly modern take on traditional pearls. Pictured are the earrings – designed and crafted by Blue Turtles.

These wrap rings feature an exquisite faceted gemstone set well off-centre. Yet, the silverwork compensates for this and brings the whole ring back into balance. A powerful statement, would you agree?

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"Buying from Blue Turtles is always a pleasure - opening all those drawers at the Gift Fair to see the hidden treasures inside – because you know you’ll only see the good stuff. Each stone is chosen aesthetically, set with heavy silver and finished beautifully... you don’t get bumpy edges, join marks that haven’t been polished out, left over tarnished sections or stones hanging out the back of a setting. The attention to detail is obvious from the moment you look at any piece. It’s well priced, especially for the quality of the stones and the amount of silver used. You get prompt and efficient service, always with a smile!"

Rebecca De Carlo, That Crystal Site, Mullumbimby, NSW