Last month Blue Turtles sponsored a tree planting event organised through the new Solo Go Green project in Central Java Indonesia.

Solo Go Green is an initiative established by Pak Budhi Purnama, the head of STP Sahid Surakarta, a vocational high school in Sandy’s hometown of Solo.

Doron with Pak Budhi and the director of Balekambang Garden in Solo.

Recently new to his post as headmaster, Pak Budhi wanted to make the most of his position to create positive environmental change in Indonesia. So, he established the Solo Go Green initiative, starting off with a tree planting event, where over 600 trees were planted on the mountain slopes surrounding Solo, by students from his school and local government and business identities.

Blue Turtles was keen to get involved and sponsor the event. We could see that this isn’t simply about planting trees in the mountains – it’s an opportunity to plant new ideas and cultivate a fresh mentality in a country on the verge of change.

Some of the students from STP Sahid after tree planting at Candi Cetho.

Indonesia is set to occupy a more influential position on the world stage in the next few years, thanks to its huge population, its rich natural resources and continual economic reform. This means that Indonesia will have more of an impact on the global environment. But perhaps with a more aware population, its impact can be more positive!

A Javanese Hindu ceremony marked the tree planting. "He/she who sows, will reap."

Though generally there is an awareness of climate change and global warming in Indonesia, you get a sense that it usually only receives token attention and lip service – that many people there aren’t really seeing the big picture and how it influences their lives and impacts the rest of the world.

Through Blue Turtles’ involvement in the  Solo Go Green initiative, we hope to play an ongoing role in increasing awareness of environmental issues in Indonesia. By teaming with those already committed to the cause, we hope to help introduce the following ideas to mainstream Indonesia:

1. Dispose of waste thoughtfully (and put an end to the masses of plastic waste that litter Indonesia’s waterways)

2. Cut down on the use of plastics

3. Recycle where possible

4. Make buying and consumer decisions that take into account the environmental impact

We hope to bring you lots of good news in the future about Solo Go Green.

4 Comments for this entry

Ashley Haddan
May 11th, 2012 on 4:05 pm

Well done Guys!

I love receiving news of people/enterprises making a difference.

If we all did a little….. so much would change for the better.

Congratulations on making a difference!
Spread the hugs!

May 11th, 2012 on 4:34 pm

Thanks Ashley, you’re so right – it only takes a little from each of us to make a big difference.

May 12th, 2012 on 3:10 pm

The world needs more selfless people like Blue Turtles who are prepared to make a commitment to help organizations to better the world for not only now but for future generations in years to come. To many people are only worried about themselves and what they can get not what they can do for others.

Glenda May
May 13th, 2012 on 12:17 am

Thats great to see other countries getting involved in saving our planet & preparing our children to come to a healthier enviroments. thankyou to all concerned.

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