Do you remember when you had no doubt at all, that fairies were real?

Why is it so natural for us as children to believe in magic and fairies, yet when we grow into adults they become nothing but fantasy and make-believe (for most of us, anyway)?

If, as adults, we truly believe that fairies are nonsense, then why do we tolerate our children’s interest in them? Shouldn’t we be discouraging them, rather than building them up for the great disappointment to come?

…Aren’t we strange?

In J. M. Barrie’s story Peter Pan, a fairy dies every time a child says that he or she doesn’t believe in fairies. The pivotal moment comes when Peter, in the presence of a lifeless Tinkerbell, chants the words, “I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!” It starts as a painful longing, but evolves into a conviction. It becomes infectious, first affecting those closest to Peter, and finally spreading across Neverland, and even as far as London. Before too long, everybody, young and old, is declaring, “I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!” Magic happens and Tinkerbell comes back to life!

J.M. Barrie’s gift to us in this scene is the inspiration to bring back to life the things we used to believe in. The potential outcome is a changed life – or even a changed world!

Ask yourself, what liberating dreams have you let go of over the years? Did you once aspire to something, but stopped believing you could achieve it? Did you once have hopes for a better world, but you’ve conceded defeat to all the pillaging Captain Hooks out there?

In these innocent child-like words is a powerful message: Believe! Have conviction! Speak up for what you believe in, and allow yourself to be an inspiration to others.

Perhaps you simply miss the fairies from your childhood? You’re surely not the only one…why else do you think so many of us still let our children believe in them?

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(If you’ve been touched by this article, please share it with anyone you know who once believed in something)

3 Comments for this entry

Angela McAspurn
October 16th, 2012 on 11:05 pm

Would love to share on my fb page!! What a great scene and article to remind us….then to have a poetic piece to remind us, I do believe in faeries, I do! I do! :-)

Catherine mirtsis
October 17th, 2012 on 12:45 pm

when you believe in yourself the world listens, it permeates to everyone and everything around us. Belief is a very strong healer!

October 17th, 2012 on 5:54 pm

thanks so much! I loved this – have shared it with my facebook friends xx

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