When the Buddha said these words, by “truth” he was referring to the way of life of a fully enlightened and realized human being. Just as the illumination of the sun and moon cannot be suppressed, so the truths espoused by a fully realized being will eventually shine like a light for all to see.

The teachings of the Buddha revolve around becoming such a human being, and the process of becoming one is grounded in understanding and living by Truth.

In understanding Truth, the Buddha discovered what are termed the 3 Universal Truths:
1.     Nothing is permanent. Everything changes (“Anicca”)
2.     There is no self – no “I” or “me” (Anatta)
3.     Clinging to impermanent things causes suffering (Dukkha)

These 3 Universal Truths further lead into what the Buddha termed the 4 Noble Truths:
1.     Life is suffering
2.     Suffering is caused by craving, desire and ignorance
3.     There is a path to ending suffering – the removal of desire and ignorance
4.     The Middle Path (a life of moderation, without extremes) leads to the end of suffering

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