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"Buying from Blue Turtles is always a pleasure - opening all those drawers at the Gift Fair to see the hidden treasures inside – because you know you’ll only see the good stuff. Each stone is chosen aesthetically, set with heavy silver and finished beautifully... you don’t get bumpy edges, join marks that haven’t been polished out, left over tarnished sections or stones hanging out the back of a setting. The attention to detail is obvious from the moment you look at any piece. It’s well priced, especially for the quality of the stones and the amount of silver used. You get prompt and efficient service, always with a smile!"

Rebecca De Carlo, That Crystal Site, Mullumbimby, NSW

Arrows feature prominently in Native American symbology. Did you know that they have meaning beyond simply being the tools of hunting and warfare? A single arrow pointing right is a talisman for protection. When it points to the left, it specifically wards off evil.

Blue Turtles offers this collection of Horoscope pendants. Each pendant measures a petite 14 mm in diametre and features one of the 12 symbols of the zodiac etched into a hand hammered disc. It's an elegant item of jewellery when worn on its own, or can be combined as a charm with other favourite pieces. With each pendant, you will receive an information card and a satin pouch. So, What's Your Star Sign? Find out more about your horoscope below... Aries – The Ram Aries is a dynamic and fearless trailblazer, ...


The Seed of Life is the blueprint of the Cosmos. This symbol of sacred geometry, found in ancient temples, churches, synagogues and sacred texts from diverse cultures, represents the very unfolding of creation. The Seed of Life consists of seven circles, six of which are arranged in perfect six-fold symmetry around the seventh to form what resembles a six-petal flower. The seven circles of the Seed Of Life each represent the seven stages, or qualities, of creation. In the Old Testament, these 7 stages are symbolized as ...

Sugar skulls are the quintessential symbol of Mexico’s captivating Dia de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead festival. Although it coincides with the Catholic All Saints Day, the Day of the Dead holiday traces its origins back to pre-Columbian Aztec culture. It is a time to honour and celebrate deceased loved ones. On the first night of this two-day festival, the gates of Heaven are opened and the spirits of departed children are ...

Alchemy is the “science of the soul”, an ancient discipline, which seeks to turn lead into gold. To the alchemist, lead and gold symbolize the opposing aspects of the human spirit. Lead is undeveloped, toxic and dark. Gold, however, is enlightened, pure and resplendent. The alchemist is both a scientist and a philosopher, who aims to transform and perfect the human spirit, hence the notion of “turning lead into gold.” According to Alchemy, everything ...

Introducing Blue Turtles' Chakra Collection A selection of beautiful sterling silver pendants, representing the 7 Primary Chakras. The science of Chakras comes to us through the ancient traditions of Yoga and Tantra. These teach us that chakras are spinning, wheel-like vortexes of energy, located throughout the human body. Indeed, the word “chakra’ is derived from ancient Sanskrit and literally means wheel.  The 7 primary chakras are the ones of most importance. These are aligned along the spine, from its base through to the crown of ...


The Dragonfly symbolizes transformation and personal evolution. It is joy and lightness of being. Gentle and lithe, it moves freely and effortlessly on the shifting winds, encouraging us to be flexible and adaptable. The dragonfly captures and reflects the light in previously unseen flashes of colour, awakening us to new possibilities and the transcendence of self-imposed illusion. As it dances across still water, it represents to us a lightness and joyous transcendence of our emotions, and allows us to access our deepest subconscious ...


The Flower Of Life, The entire Universe in one sacred symbol... The Flower Of Life is an ancient sacred geometric symbol, the earliest known examples found in Mesopotamian artifacts dating back to 1400 BC. The symbol is common throughout the ancient Middle East and parts of Europe, but is found as far afield as India and China. The most famous representation is probably the imprints located at the Temple Of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt, which have been claimed to be as much as 10,500 years old, but are ...

This quote by Mahatma Gandhi has become a motto for so many people - it simply expresses that the changes we long to see in the world start with ourselves. Lets all strive to live up to these wise words and change our world for the better! The Poetic Pieces collection is an awesome concept in jewellery, which encourages the best in people. Let it help you keep what's important in life front and centre, or gift it to somebody you care about. To view the entire Poetic Pieces Collection,


Emerging and rising above the mud, the lotus flower opens and expands its petals to the light of the sun, revealing its awesome beauty and purity. It's no wonder that the symbol of the lotus plays a central role in Asian spiritual teachings, including in the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain faiths - it is the perfect analogy for the spiritual truth that beauty and purity are present in all things. The Confucian scholar Zhou Dunyi once said, "I love the lotus because while growing from ...